There is always plenty to do on a property. As John and Judy get older it doesn’t get any easier!

We would like to offer like minded people the chance to sample life on a small organic farm by staying here and helping us out .

We would offer you:

  • All meals with special diets no problem
  • Accommodation in your own double bed room, with an hot/cold outdoor shower and outdoor loo
  • Hands-on experience in organic gardening
  • The chance to learn to look after chickens and horses.
  • Cooking skills such as bread-making, preserves, pickles and jams

In exchange for 5 hours work per day.

The typical jobs would be:

Weeding, fencing, putting branches through the chipper, tree felling, firewood cutting, picking up manure for compost, helping John with his latest building project, scrub clearing, raking up leaves for mulch, painting the outside of the house to name but a few.

You would have plenty of spare time to explore this beautiful region: to surf, swim, paint, whatever you enjoy.

You would need your own car.

Ours is a strictly non-smoking drug free property. We are light drinkers, and would not allow alcohol during working hours.