Set in the rainforest in a beautiful part of the New South Wales Mid North Coast,  “Tianjara” is the realisation of a dream:

To have a beautiful home that will not lack for comfort, but will not put a heavy load on our planet.

So in  1998 we set out on our adventure. We wanted to: find the perfect place to live…….we discovered it doesn’t exist, so we compromised a bit. Here is our wish list:

  • To have a comfortable lifestyle aiming for as much self sufficiency as we possible
  •  be part of a community who had similar values to us.
  • To build our own home from natural materials, using natural energy to warm ourselves in winter and meet our power needs……done that!
  • To grow our own food…still working on that one!
  • To keep some useful animals….. we have made a few mistakes, but we have learned a lot.
  • Finally,  to share our home and our experiences with like-minded people who come to stay at Tianjara Eco B&B and in our Green Barn