It took three years to find a block of land that met our needs,  and we love our bush hideaway. It ticked most of the boxes, and provided us with the basic materials to build our house: mud and tree-trunks.

  • We did most of the building ourselves, including making the mud bricks. It took about 18 months to complete the first stage of building.
  • Our north-facing block was chosen for maximum solar gain. We need as much direct sunlight as possible to shine on our photo-voltaic panels to charge our batteries
  • We have full stand-alone solar power, and are not connected to the grid so we never have blackouts or power bills, and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Our dry composting toilets are non-smelly, and we don’t waste water on flushing or waste processing. The reed bed completes the process by directing the filtered grey water to some of our fruit trees.
  • The soil on our property is not very fertile and quite heavy clay. It made great bricks but was not so good for growing vegetables. It took a lot of work to improve the soil, but now we have made gardens and orchards, aiming for self-sufficiency, and we grow a lot of our own food.
  • We raise beautiful organically-fed chickens and sell their eggs.
  • Judy really wanted  to grow organic food to use in a catering business, and to make preserves. This has been a delightful project.
  • John has fulfilled his dream to build a sustainable home.